The 2020 Platform

If re-elected, we will continue to make progress in better accountability in government, better economic development, and better public safety. We will also address the following specific issues:

COVID-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the economy, from the national to the local level. We will seek any available resources and work with other elected officials to help Caldwell businesses get back on their feet.

Caldwell Community Center

The most significant impact of the pandemic on Borough operations was on the Caldwell Community Center. However, the CCC has not been a sustainable utility for years, costing taxpayers approximately $3,500,000 over the last 10 years. The bi-partisan CCC Task Force has been appointed by the Mayor to examine its purpose, history, funding formula, and long-term fiscal health. We will consider their valuable recommendations when proposing short and long term strategies towards a CCC that enhances its role of a local asset with regional value while not burdening tax payers.

Redevelopment Plan

Based on the average age of its housing stock and water main system, the Borough meets the criteria for an “area in need of rehabilitation.” We will implement a development plan that increases ratables in the Downtown, helps the Borough meet its legal affordable housing obligation, and attracts new patrons for Caldwell as the regional Downtown destination for West Essex.

Sewer Treatment Plant

We will continue to work to implement the required and recommended upgrades to our Sewer Treatment Plant to prepare for the long-term future of Caldwell and our neighboring municipalities.