The Candidates


Jonathan Lace

Jonathan has lived in Caldwell for 6 years. He was raised near Memphis, TN, and served in the United States Air Force as a Computer Systems Operator. He later attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and Emory University in Atlanta, where he received degrees in Philosophy (B.A.) and Theological Studies (M.T.S.), respectively. For the last 10 years he has taught at Seton Hall Preparatory School and currently instructs in AP computer science, iPhone app development, and theology courses. He is an independent Apple Developer and the creator of the highly-rated “Theologica” iPhone study app. He is a member of Notre Dame Catholic Church, the Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association, and the local ecumenical group, “Dads On Mission”.

“Like many young families, my wife, Melissa, and I have chosen to raise our two daughters, Aubrey and Josie, in this Borough because we love it. We have a passionate interest in the safety and prosperity of Caldwell and place a high value on community participation. As an educator and computer programmer, I know the value of critical feedback in decision making, of attention to detailed project planning, of the required discipline for solving problems, and am experienced in finding and eliminating inefficiencies. I believe these skills lend themselves naturally to public service. I am running because I believe Caldwell desperately needs a new direction. I want to promote a better culture of public safety, work with state and federal officials to actually lower property taxes, develop innovative economic strategies for downtown businesses, and make local government more accountable. I’m not running because I want to aspire to higher office; I am running because I believe, in light of the situation, that it is a civic duty to do so.”


Henderson Cole

Henderson is a a 26-year Caldwell resident, and raised his two children here with his wife, Maria. He is a Computer System Manager by trade and was raised in Westchester County, New York where he attended public schools. He graduated from Binghamton University and the NYU School of Business.

“Caldwell residents deserve to have a town council that truly represents them; their concerns, and their aspirations. They also deserve to have a choice of representatives at election time. I have participated in several Caldwell activities over the years, including the Zoning Board and as the current Treasurer for the town’s Senior Citizen Committee. Additionally, in my 40 years of work experience, I have had to adapt to a rapidly changing technological and financial environment. I have been challenged by difficult problems, and have learned how to listen to all involved parties and to incorporate the best ideas into the design. Caldwell has challenges of its’ own, and we need to bring together residents and business owners to come up with the best way forward.”