Lace & Cole for Caldwell



We ran for Council in 2017 to bring better accountability, better economic development, and better public safety to Caldwell. We’ve made significant strides in each of these areas. We’re running for a second term on Council because there’s still work to be done.

Please visit our 2017 platform and 2018-2020 record page to see the issues we pledged to address while in office and to see the progress we’ve made on those promises.

We understand the significance of the upcoming election for the entire Country, especially in the midst of an historic pandemic. A mail-in ballot will be mailed to all registered voters, which can be mailed, placed in a secure dropbox, or returned in person to the Essex County Board of Elections office. Voters can cast provisional ballot in-person. Local elections have the most direct impact on our daily lives. We encourage you to cast an informed vote on November 3rd.

Jonathan Lace & Henderson Cole



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21 Welshman Court

Caldwell, NJ 07006